Varför CRM?


CRM: "Customer Relationship Management" consists of the process a company uses to track and organize contact with current and prospective customers. With a CRM system you can store and access information  easy and provide better service to the customers, and hopefully improve sales.

CRM-software like MICS will help you with:

  • Effective daily work for sales people
  • Better quality in customer relations
  • Save customer information "in house"
  • Analyse customers, own work, market situation , etc


MICS - a CRM tool that is really used!

It's important that the CRM system is really used in daily work as: customer meetings, phone calls, quotations, maintain contact data, etc. If system isn't used it doesn't matter how many functions and facilities there are in the system.

By MICS friendly user interface users will feel it's comfortable and easy to work in the system.